Do you like being complimented by your partner /love interests or do you not care for compliments?

I'm just curious. I like compliments, however I find myself dating men that rarely (if ever) compliment me. From time to time I do question what might have drawn them to me or what qualities they like about me and in some cases I never get to find out :/

I wouldn't want someone to compliment me for the sake of it. So i guess when I am complimented by someone that usually doesn't, they are more than likely being genuine which is a good thing.


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  • It always feels good when my wife says "My God! You've got the biggest dick that I've ever seen!" ... So, yes, I like compliments.


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  • Your SO should always compliment you. It doesn't have to be all the time, but no compliments at all means a bad time.


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  • Ah, no, I really do like when he compliments me because he just... Doesn't do that. He is not the kind of guy who is good with emotions or good at verbally expressing how he feels about you and he will absolutely not compliment you if he doesn't think you deserve it. So to get a compliment from him is something incredibly special.

    I think that if it was different and he wasn't so stingy with giving out compliments and kind words, I would probably get embarrassed and flustered at getting compliments all the time and they'd kinda lose what made them special.