Ok he would of told me how he felt already Right?

I so much like this guy we are friends with benefits on and off and I recently rejected him and he text me in morning and want to talk to me and I hung up agin. I text him 5 days ago and he has said nothing., I want to talk to him so bad , and wish I would be the literally the happiest girl in the world if he talk to me or have me roses chocolate and weed and just tells me! But I know this won't happen:(
why is he not talked


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  • You rejected him and when he came back wanting to talk, you hung up on him, and you wonder why he wouldn't want to talk again lol. What do you think that he is? A masochist.

  • You rejected him twice, and now wonder why he won't talk to you.

    Is this even a question? Why qould he waste time on someone who shit on him twice?

    • Arg!!! Ok why do I want to talk to him than so bad I fight so hard smoke weed to get him off

    • I have no idea what you are trying to say

  • You shit in the Easter basket, and then wonder why it stinks. Leave him alone and let him decide if he wants to put up with that anymore.


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