Why did he ask me out?

Why did he ask me out? This guy I've hooked up with in the past got my number and started texting me. He told me stuff like he thought I was pretty and then asked if he could take me out sometime. He even brought it up again and told me that we were either going to get coffee or go to the beach and we made plans for Saturday. Saturday was only a day later and he never texted me at all to hang out. Iwhat happened did he lose interest? was he never interested? or did I do something wrong?


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  • Did you text him on Saturday at all? He may have been waiting for you to show interest, since it sounds like he made the initial effort to talk to you again. I see shit like that happen all the time, when both people wait for the other to text first, and when they don't, assume that they're not interested, or fucked up somehow. If you did text him, then maybe something came up, or he may have lost interest. Either way, usually the best way to find out, in this type of situation, in my experience, is to text them and be upfront and find out (not in a super aggressive way). Hope that helps, or at least offers some insight, lol

  • it seems like he was wating for you on Saturday to confirm. You were probably both sitting by the phone waiting for the text. ha. plus it was just 1 day. things happen. dont loose hope.


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  • That sounds completely rude to me. I mean he made plans with you and he didn't even bother to cancel? What a douche. You're better off without him anyway...