Should I try and give him a second chance?

Should I try and give him a second chance?
So I was dating the guy that sent this for 4 months a year ago we broke up because he started liking this other girl. The guy i was just dating for 5 months broke up with me on Monday and I know I'm not ready to get into another realationship. But u do belive in second chances. My recent ex thought that my 1st ex still had feelings for me (that's not why we broke up) and he warned me about that. I kinda don't believe he likes me because my friend told me he was being a hoe ever since we broke up. But I've been thinking about him a lot lately, i do miss him and he did treat me right... I'm so confused right now. Or is my ex just trying to make me feel better and I'm blowing this out of proportion?


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  • You are blowing this way out of proportion. Don't let old feelings lead you in the wrong direction..


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