Issues with men in general?

You know how guys are scared of girls being gold diggers, sleeping with guys who has it bigger down there, more muscular, successful even if they give them no love vs you giving it all.
Or the problem with make up. Maybe she shows boobs, ass online like she needs the attention.
Just general stuff but...

lets talk about guys...
maybe you hate they have to be all masculine at all times. That they can be too extreme in some things. That they have no feelings and just want to have sex. They think you're stupid or belong in the kitchen (rare these

Just add more stuff because I find more problems in girls than guys in general.

I've learned to accept girls with makeup. If they wear because they're insecure but they're still pretty without it. Screw it. Friends, Competition might have pressured her to think she needs makeup and that happens to everyone. Same goes for the girls wearing sexy clothes. It's all about pressure.


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