I am feeling crushed, how to move on? I need advice on all this, I need some help, anyone?

I am feeling crushed, how to move on? I need advice on all this, I need some help, anyone?

Let me start it off by saying, I really really liked her. I did everything I could for her, whenever I could, because I really care about her, not because I expect love back. I always tried to be there for during any and everything she needed help with. I always told her I cared about her, and she always smiled and seemed happy when I said it. We talk/text all the time, flirt, tease each other, and it started to get touchy. I was happy, for once I thought I had a good chance. Valentines day came, and I made a nerdy but meaningful thing for her. I was all excited and ready, and when I asked her, she said she was "taken". She said her and her best friend were doing valentines, but technically she had it with this other guy. I asked her if she was dating him, and she said "maybe" (My reaction was me dying, screaming in anger and crying, but I said oh, ok). Its then I find out, she has been talking with him for a little while too. Its V-Day and she wished me a happy one, and is texting me all 2day as well, but I know its just friendly bc she rejected me. I'm crushed, heart broken, and I don't know what to do... any help, advice, motivation so I don't break down?


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  • Oh man... I'm so sorry. A broken heart is so terrible because this girl mislead you and was playing with you and your kind heart. I'm very sorry. I can't give you any advice because I too am a wreck when things like that happen. All I can say is try to avoid talking to her first of all. Secondly, keep busy. Go out with friends or try maybe talking to someone else to get your mind off her and able to move on since you are so young. I'm not saying harden yourself but try to be more weary of your heart. I can honestly say that usually I just hang out with friends, movies, shopping or whatever to keep distracted. I know you're a boy but it's okay to cry because if you keep it bottled up it won't help.


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