Girls, Would you ever Snapchat a guy you are not interested in? And you two are not really friends?

I'm just curious lol


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  • yes girls will snapchat anyone who gives them attention


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  • Probably not considering I fucking hate snapchat and I've only downloaded it for a select few.. 😅

  • Sure, it depends what it's for though

    • So i met this girl and i have been texting her lately. I have not seen her in person for a while and i recently added her on SC so later at night i messaged her and she said she's just stressed out from her first day at work and she was really tired and then she sent me a snap of her before she went to bed. Just wondered if she was interested in me SC might not be the best thing to figure that out but i was just curious :) lol

    • Well I know I wouldn't snapchat someone unless I wanted to talk to them, I'm pretty sure most girls are the same lol

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