Girls, What would you think if you heard a guy talking about this (Involves my ex-gf)?

So i like this girl I work with, but today one of my co workers who im not too close with asked me why i wasn't with my girlfriend. I was like "what are you talking about we broke up months ago" and then he's like "aw werent you two together for like 10 years". I said nah and walked away. The girl i like heard this conversation for sure. We really did break up months ago, and we went out for 2 years. I think she might think I have a girlfriend, or maybe that im a bad guy cuz of how defensive i got. Girls what would you think?


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  • Noone can really help answer that because everyone is different and noone knows what she is thinking. If you think it's appropriate to let this girl know you are interested (I say this because every workplace is different) then let her know. If the topic of having a girlfriend or not comes up then be honest. If she doesn't believe you then there's not much you can do.

  • I think anyone who has gone through a break up before knows how complicated it can get and wouldn't think much of someone expressing a relationship that ended. I'm sure she wouldn't think you are still with her though.

  • I would think that you are really hurt and didn't want to get into the topic of you and your ex for obvious reasons.

    But I also think that that coworker was a real B! for even bringing it up. Like it happened months ago! So he is either trying to make you feel bad about it or he knows you like the girl and is trying to twart whatever shots you may have at getting her.

    • damn, i hope this doesn't hurt my chances with her. She seems like a really sweet girl. Im thinking of asking her out next time i see her because i feel like other guys at work are interested in her too. Hopefully I'm not too late thanks!

    • @Asker, well if you like her then by all means, go for it. Save some room for disappointment because like you said, there may be other guys that are unto her. All the best !