What should I do, move on, or make a move?

Let me start it off by saying, I really really liked her, and I care about her so much. I do whatever I can for her, whenever I can, and even told her I cared about her, and she always smiled and seemed happy when I said it. We talk/text all the time, flirt, tease each other, and it started to get touchy. Valentines day came, and I made a nerdy but meaningful thing for her. I was all excited and ready, and when I asked her, she said she was "taken". She said her and her best friend were doing valentines, but technically she had it with this other guy. I asked her if she was dating him, and she said "maybe". Its then I find out, she has been talking with him for a little while too. We sorta texted on and off all day, joking back and forth, so on, but I was stills ad. Later in the night, she texted me, talked a little, and said she rejected the guy, and didn't know how she felt with him (can't figure out if she likes him or not). I don't know what to do at this point, do I just move on or make a move?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Personally, i would move on. You seem to have been crossing "oceans" for her and she can't even jump a "puddle" for you. It's pointless holding onto to someone who isn't making an effort to be in your life. She seems indecisive about what she wants.


What Guys Said 1

  • Move on, because that means that you're the secondary guy/backup if she originally had a guy before you. In other words, you wouldn't be treated as well with her than witha girl where you are her first priority