Im obsessed with my ex boyfriend?

I reeally really want him back. he blocked me on everything so I made new accounts to follow him. I love him so much. when will he realize he shouldn't have let me go. what do I do


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  • I can understand you feeling girl. However IMHO you should not beg for his attention. I get it you love him more than anything, but, if he's no more interested in you then nothing will work for you. Sad but true. Be a strong girl and ask him one and only time if want to get together and tell him that you love him. If he still avoid you then you should let go and start to look for someone else.
    Believe me you'll find many boys who will make you feel special again. Just my advice though.
    Good luck!

    • thanks for being understanding :) do you think if i were to go NC for a while he may start to miss me? he says he doesn't have feelings for me and that we won't be together again not even later on but I don't know how to lose hope... he told me i was the love of his life and he was never going to find anyone like me and that we were meant to be together. and we hung out 11 times after the break up and every time it was as if we were still dating. and now suddenly he doesn't want to keep seeing me

    • Most likely yes. But, hey he is ignoring you because he don't like you. May be he's seeing someone else who knows. All I can say is you need to be strong and find another guy as soon as you can. You will feel lot better that way because being single you'll be tempted to stalk him.


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  • You should give me his Kik so I can tell him that his ex is stalking him. Leave him alone, Jesus, this question alone freaked me out

  • umm the blocking may be a clue.. he don't want you

  • stalker psycho detected. i'll call the police


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