Is it bad that I want to break up with my boyfriend because he cries a lot?

I got him an espresso machine and a couple video games for Valentine's and he started bawling tears non stop you would have thought I'd given him a sweater I had knitted with my own blood and skin over a course of 13 years not a couple of video games. And it's not just Valentine's it's every gift giving holiday. His last birthday I threw him a surprise party and booked a hotel for us to boink and he was all emotional in between boinks and it just ruined the mood. It was so endearing at first but I don't know should I try and deal cause I do love him or leave now before we both get too attached and used to each other.


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  • Wow what a pussy. Crying is weak as fuck he needs to control his emotions if my friends saw me crying about gifts I'd be called a faggot non-stop and would be known as that gay cunt who cries like a fucking baby.


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  • Kinda a bitch move, if he's that sensitive over things he needs some support. Mentally of course. Backing out him can only make it worse. I would encourage him to see a psychologist