Would you give up on someone who is actively dating or haven't cut ties with their ex?

Never met her in person, but exchanged a few emails and texts. Asked if she is free to meet up over the Valentien's Day weekend she said she is busy but offered a raincheck (no exact date confirmed)

Sent her a text to say hope you are having a great day with rose emoticon, she replied 2 hours later saying thanks you too with a rose. Haven't heard from her since.

She probably was on a date or is still dating her ex. Found her profile and could see some date like posts. Mutual friend (who doesn't talk to her) can see all of her posts and said it seems like she is spending time with the guy she she's been seing since last year, yet their status are single?


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  • You need to lower your expectation, you don't even know each other in person and you expecting her to talk to you only?

    You probably are still emailing and texting other girls as well, if you want exclusivity you need to at least meet each other in person first, then you talk about it.

    • I understand what you said, but I'm not sure if I should still go ahead and meet her, I feel like she might like others more and I will just become one of the first date only guy

    • Just ask her to confirm the time and go from there

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  • I wouldn't purse someone just to be their backup. Find someone who values you and your time.

    • The tricky part is I'm not sure if she is just playing the field because no one (including me) has made a commitment or because she really is using me as a backup


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  • That would be a deal-breaker for me. If someone keeps in contact with an ex it would complicate our relationship. I would be evidence that he's still clinging to the past. I wouldn't give a guy my heart when half of his is still pinning for an ex.

    I wouldn't date a guy who was keeping his options open by dating mulutple girls either. I can't understand why anyone would be someone's other when they can be someone else's only. Of course everyone I'd different, this is my personal view and what I will and won't find acceptable for myself.

    • I see your point, if it's after 3 dates I totally would bolt. However I think this is the gray area, let say she is chatting with a few people from website. She might want to give a few people a chance with a coffee date or something alone the line?

      I'm not 100% sure if that is an ex, it's only my guess as the mutual friend saw tags and photos and such.

    • Then you should to know her instead of making assumptions... I can do that at times, It maybe better to get to know her more

    • get to know**

  • Eh... I wouldn't give anyone the time of day if they flaked on me even once. I'm too busy to play games or deal with wishy washy people


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  • Dump her.. she's playing games.