What can I do to change her mind?

I met this girl and we went a date after 2 weeks of talking and everything went well but then the next day her friend told her stuff about my past relationship and how i did bad thiings and she blocked me on everything adn told me she didn't want to talk to me anymore. The thing is I never really did anyhting bad because my ex tells her friends that im an awful person and i do all these things that i never did to her and now its been 2 months since I've talked to my ex and all that "past" stuff is affecting me now and i really like this girl. how do i convince her to maybe give me a chance to see that I've changed or at least talk to me about it?


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  • You can't convince her. You didn't mention your past mistakes to her and she happened to find out. It happens.
    I understand her position though. I'd do the same thing in her place.


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  • go to her and politly ask her if she could give you 5 min. she probley will not want to but she will. tell her how you feel and ask her to please set down and talk about what has happened. if after the long talk she doesn't want to see or hear from you again you will fallow her wishes. its one of though times when you loves someone you set them free.