How do I let a guy knqo I like him?

We have a couple mutual friends and they told me that he liked me, I've only spoken to him on a few occasions but thought he was hot for ages, since they told me I've developed a crush on him the problem is he is pretty shy and I don't know how to get the chance to talk to him, and how to act lmao? :))


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  • Hmm, well there are a few things you could do. One being, the next time you see him, try and start a conversation with him. Two, add him on social media and try and contact him. Three, look like you need help with something, and see if he comes to your rescue. Just because you are a girl, doesn't meant you can't act either, I don't mean that in the offensive way, I mean that as in don't feel like you have to wait for him, its 2016!

  • say that you are going to do something, like going to the town to shop some new clothes and If he likes to join you.. If he says "why" or something, then say that you are a social person and enjoy doing things with other people. Thats It..


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  • Just spark up a conversation! Whether it be over Facebook or in person and get to know each other better before flat out saying "Hey, I like you." Go on a couple dates together and finally tell him you like him.