Can I Get Some Input Please?

Can I Get Some Input Please? So let me start off with saying I met this girl last Saturday while I was out buying a new pair of jeans. We got to talking and ended up really hitting it off and exchanged info. We ended up talking on the phone for about 3 hours Saturday night and we seem very into each other but here's the catch. I'm pretty sure she's about 16, maybe 17 (she told me she was 18) and I'm 20.5. I get that in my state, age on consent is 16, however I'd prefer not chance years in prison if I could. I'm not going for a sexual relationship right off the bat. I've been single long enough to have enough time to know I'm more so looking for love and someone to be with than anything and she says she is too. She tells me she wants to be with me and she wants me to be her boyfriend. She talks like we're already in a relationship too. Dont get me wrong, I like this girl quite a bit but I just don't want to make a stupid mistake and end up paying for it. Im thinking about telling her that I'll be with her but until she's 18, we can't really do anything besides just work on our relationship and grow it in other ways. Any input is appreciated, thanks.


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  • Look at her drivers license to see how old she is.
    If she's 18 - date her if you'd like. If she's under 18 - I personally wouldn't do anything sexually with them.


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  • So who is she voting for?