What was your first kiss like?

So, I'm just curious about how it was and when it was =P

Hopefully mine will come soon^^


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  • Ok. I was like :

    " He is sticking his TONGUE Into my MOUTH - GROSS!... If I stop him, he will think I do not LIKE him, but I really do not want to kiss him right now... But I do in general... BUT, if do not say anything , I will be starting things off on a very bad precedent... I never should have TOUCHED his hand... . He would not have taken my arm if I had not touched his...Well, I wish he would have WARNED me, at least waited till I was FACING him... I guess I will just stick it out, it can not take THA MUCh longer... I could STOP him, but I LIKE him & he might get the wrong idea... I kind of like what he is doing to my neck, & I like being held by him, I just wish he would STOP KISSING me... He must be sooooo bored, I do not no what the hell I am doing... If he had just WARNED me, I could have thought real quick... I know I could be good at this but I need to practice... Oh hum... I hope he stops... Soooooooon... Oh good finally... Oh boy - NOW he is actually TALKING about it?!... Good Grief... I DID my time... . I do not want to THINK about it anymore... . NO, NO, no,no, do NOT ask me how I LIKED it, oh god... I can't lie, NEVER lie... I could OMMIT the TRUTH... What am I doing here?... This really sucks... He IS pretty cute tho... He is really smart too... Oh no, do NOT ask me to compare you to anyone else... Now I am going to have to tell you I never kissed before... What is more embarrassing... Being a bad kisser, or being 20, without having kissed... I choooooossse- 'Haven't had many kisses'... Good compromise... -Can we stop talking & WALK now... PLEASE?... I hope he does not think we are going to have SEX... Oh hum... This is AKWARD... BUT he IS pretty cute... - But I am NOT having sex... Why is he LOOKING at me like that?... I wonder what he USUALLY does with girls he kisses... . Walk, we should walk, then thoughts will not settle... Why is he so CRAZY about me?... Why is he acting so HAPPY? ... Why does he LIKE me so much?... How LONG is it going to last. ?...

    (:- It has lasted 5 years^... It took me one more kiss to get used to KISSING... Three more kisses to LOVE kissing... One more after that, to LOVE HIM... I still Do. :-)

    • Ha ha^^, nice story you^^

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    • Stop being nice or ill have to beg for a friend requst =P ha ha^^

    • Haha, can't cause I'm anonymous... But maybe I'll message you anyways, cause you live in a place my sister grew up on, & I visit her their lots & I just like random connections like that ^



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  • best kiss ever, he made my whole entire lip tingle and my whole entire body tingle, it was so amazing and worth it although he was my best friend's ex so it didn't work out so much.

  • My boyfriend took me by surprise when he took my first kiss. It was about 6 months ago when it happened, and it was on our very first date (and our very first meeting. He's a very forward person). We were in his car driving to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and we hit a stop light, and he just started leaning in closer, and I actually started backing away a little bit because I was nervous and shy, and I was also thinking to myself, "shouldn't you be watching for when the light changes...?". Lols! Plus, our date was just getting started, and I would have expected the kiss more or less to take place after the date. Anyways, it got to the point where I couldn't back away anymore, and his face was just inches away from mine, and then I felt his lips on mine. I couldn't even kiss back because I had no idea how to. xD So, when we finally got to the Boardwalk, we sat on the beach, and he decided to teach me how to kiss the whole time we were there, just about. It was pretty fun. ^.^

  • this is kinda weird lol...

    but I havnt had mine yet either but I had a dream...

    in the dream I kissed some guy and it was amazing. it was a good kiss, and I can still feel it on my lips. so wierd...but yah. can't wait to hav my 'real' one :)

  • ughh! horrible...lol I was in middle school (behind the stairs)...it was very sloppy..i kind of wanted a do over lol...but for my very first serious relationship in high school..his kiss was perfect...nice and slow..less tongue..its like a romantic kiss


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