She never called me again. It's killing me because I don't know why?

I took this girl on a really nice date over a month ago. I met her through face book because we had a lot of friends in common. So I wrote her a message swap phone numbers. I called her and we talked for a while. I found out she has been looked inside her house for over a year because she got a broken back and had to go through surgery. So than I took her on a date to a really nice place to eat and afterwards to her favorite coffee spot for desert, On the way back to her place I kiss her a few times. I even walked her dog because she has her back broken and I wanted to help her out. I sent her a text that night and told her she looked really pretty and that I could not wait to see her again. Two days later I sent her flowers and a small little chocolate desert. She called to say thanks. I sent her a cute text the next day telling her I was thinking of her and that I wanted to win her heart. She reply 4 hours later and told me that she had fun with me that day but that I was moving to fast and that she just not in that place right not. Its now been 4 weeks and not a call or a text. Wow how rude and I really wanted to just make her happy because I really though she was amazing and she was going through alt. What did I do wrong? I can believe she has not even called to say hi. I really liked everything about her and now I can't believe she has not even sent me a small text to say hi. What do I do? I really like this girl, She came on the date with a cane and even with a broken back with a cane she had me going crazy for her. What do I do?


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  • Well.. She was right in saying you were moving quickly. It seems like she felt a lite overwhelmed that you would already like her that much when you barely knew each other. It's a turn off.. I know you were just trying to be nice but unfortunately that was a little overboard. We don't want to know how you feel right away.. And if it was that quick that you fell for her then There's no anticipation.. Nothing can build and it kinda ruins it. She didn't call, no texting.. I think it's time to let this one go. As much as you like her it's hard to try and start something with someone that is acting like they're obsessed. She was polite with thanking you for the flowers but that's a common courtesy.. She's dropping a hint..sorry.. There'll always be more of us women around no worries.

  • It seems like you came on a little strong.. I think when you sent her the flowers and candies was the point where she got a little nervous.. Especially if that was the first time you actually met her face to face. Don't get me wrong girls like to be chased but maybe tone it down a little bit next time. The date you got right.. wait a few days and instead of the flowers send her a text asking if she wants to go out again sometime.. and maybe to the second date (if she says yes) bring some flowers. If you are still really head over heels for this chick.. give her sometime- if she is ready (and if she really liked you) let her call you. Good luck (next time around).


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