Why do people stare at me and my girlfriend?

I'm Indian and she's half white half Asian. Everyone stares at us. The Indian guys stare and leer the most. Other White and Asian guys and girls give us weird looks. Indian girls and some White and Asian girls ask her WTF is she doing with me. Even Latinos aren't too friendly to us. This even happened to me and my exes (who were White and Asian and Latina).

Her friends admired my looks and confidence until they found out I was Indian. They thought I was Puerto Rican.


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  • I've gotten this I am Black and my guy is Puerto Rican (Looks White). And we've gotten a lot of hate comments. I never knew how racist people really were until I entered into a interracial relationship for the first time.
    Some people automatically assume you are a traitor or hate your own.
    Some people have tried to fight him, for stealing "their girl".
    Just because I'm your race does not mean I belong to you.
    Some people are ignorant.
    I think you should just ignore every one.
    Here's a song that I love that reminded me of my relationship:


    • Just listen to the words of it. It will remind you of your relationship too.

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  • Its the typical suspicion that your parents are stiff or hard on anyone you date. (Which is a sterotype that I dont believe in.)

    I'm sure you guys are as amazing and nice as my friend who has the same type of relationship. The only con is when his mom cooks us food and we end up smelling like Indian food for like 4 days straight due to the pungent spices.


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  • The staring could be more in your head than in reality.
    Why does it bother you if people are staring at you two, though?

  • How would they know that she is half asian?


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  • Ignore them bro. When they look, give them a smirk and walk off.