She kept telling me that I'm her bff & how it will never change, almost everytime we talk. What does it mean?

She is close friend for over 4 years, we are both single. I don't even flirt with her but why does she keeps telling/reminding me that I'm her bestfriend, that she loves me and how it will never change almost everytime we talk?

I don't get it.

I just recently got out of a relationship. Maybe that has something to do with that?

I liked her in the past and still do, and I would like to date her but is this a clear sign that she's not interested in me?

I am very confused.


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  • She's letting you know where you stand with her. Meaning, don't overstep the boundaries.


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  • maybe she's sensing that you might be coming onto her soon or that you are considering her an option so she's establishing a basis of friends firmly grounding you both in it to make things clear.

    • That may be the case. I guess I'm too emotional right now since I just experienced a 3 year break up. Maybe ahe doesn't want me to go to her to fill the gap.

      Thanks for your input :D

  • Yes, it is clear that she will not date you, even if you are the last man alive on earth!