My girlfriend and I are having a real hard time I feel horrible what can I do to surprise her?

Okay I am diagnosed with ptsd and really bad social anxiety. Lately I have been kind of sticking to myself for the past 3 weeks and haven't seen anyone at all not even my girlfriend of 7 months. She has been an angel throughout my random mood swings. Like I have never met any girl who puts up with my crap and me disappearing for alittle while like she does. And the sad thing is I can't really help it, everything I have been diagnosed with can just make me act not myself sometimes. It sucks and makes me super depressed because I love her to death and she sticks by my side. Well last night she texted me asked me if I can take her to work. So I figured what the heck nothing bad can possibly happen between me taking her and heading home. So when I pick her up she tells me she wants me to actually take her to go get her car. Which I agree and the car ride there she unloads about 3 weeks worth of problems and frustrations. We get to the car place and she starts crying in my arms because of all the stress. And I feel super horrible because I haven't seen her in so long and it seems like she has been holding it in for awhile. I want to take her our tonight but need ideas on what I can do to make it special. (Please no alcohol) she is a really simple girl and hates when I spend money on her. I just need some ideas about what guys would do for a treat or ladies what u would like for your man to do if you were in her situation. Super stressed out about car issues, life issues etc.


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  • You are a caring and loving boyfriend to do this for her. And she is the same with you this probably got to her because she missed you and she worried that womething might happen. My boyfriend did the same thing for me but the situation was different one of his relatives passed away it torn him apart he was distant and moody and I was still there for him even though he said he was wary that he might snap at me but then when he felt better i hit my mark because i was worried for him so he took me to my favourite place where i love to star gaze and it was the same place he told me he loves me, then he took me to his house got me my favorite flowers and made my favourite homemade meal. I liked it because it was simple he didn't spend that much but i could see he worked hard.

    Looking at what i put is bragging but im basically telling you that what you should do is simple but she will know that you have tried your hardest to cheer her up and that will be a lovely memory the two of you should share.


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  • Woww note there like a real women !! You are lucky to have a women like that in your life.. Other wise girls these days!!

    Anyways I think you should take her out somewhere to a movie and to eat or something or cook for her.. And make her something she likes !


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  • Take her up to the hills and watch the stars with a nice candlelight dinner.


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  • Man do it anything that make her happy I can even feel your pain sitting here reading this I think first you should take her to long drive and try to be romantic by this She will unload all of her inner problems. support her listen to her stand by her side give her good advises and after that when She is clam now take her out to her dream place or other things now will be the day to spend money take her to shopping but long drive or anything that will release her stress is necessary man do it.