Why is dating on dating apps so hard?

anyone else that uses dating apps who find its extremly hard to get a date?

it seems like either im just extremly boring or they aren't interested in meeting anyone. Even with guys i have talked to uptil 2 weeks i dont even meet, the last guy i talked to for well over a week, and everything seems to go well, but now he doesn't respond.

i get that sometimes things get boring, or you meet other people, cold feet etc. But i should be able to get more than one date in 3-4 months?

Should i just assume i just boring as hell since no guy im interested hang around long enough for me to ask them out, or since i dont get asked out?


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  • Well I have numerous ones I think about 4 and on all of them women just ignore my messages most people go on there looking for hookups, I myself am looking for a relationship so I guess the combination of that and the fact I am not attractive is a deal breaker

    • i know a lot of people go there for hook ups, so i dont expect to met a lot of people who want a relationship, but i know there are out there. From experience guys who only want a hook up normally imply that very early on, so i dont expect a date at all. But when i talk to guys for as much as 2 weeks and there is no date, i get very disapointed ofc. Everything i have done until now (ask them out early on, not asking them out, waiting for them to ask me out etc) hasn't worked, so im confused one where im going wrong

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    • http://imgur.com/vNG4cHy well I'm also unattractive couldn't this be it. It's also frustrating cause I have been on these for years

    • But also Im truthful in my profile I won't tell lies just to get a girl interested

  • It doesn't necessarily mean you're boring. Maybe your profile is a little boring so most guys don't notice it

    • i get plenty of attention, i just dont get any dates

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    • neither do I.. like i said, i have to be boring as fuck or something

    • You're probably not boring. You can message me and I'll tell you if I think you're boring or not

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  • You might just not have found the guys you connect well with. The conversation shouldn't fade out like that. Do you think maybe the guys you keep talking to are looking for something different than you are (ie. a quick lay vs a serious relationship)?

    • Well maybe, but what we want are only brought up 50% of the time. So guys are very straight forward, others i just talk for a while without it every comming up. So from experience if guys only want sex they usually mentione it after as little as 2 hours.

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    • No, its like I said, I dont feel like you can get to know someone online.. its a reason I want to meet as quickly as possible, to actually get to know them in person. Maybe im the only one

    • But it might be that a lot of guys are that way and need to get to know you better before considering taking the time to meet you. I've never really had a super short basic conversation and met up with someone or had it go well.. because you aren't really able to figure out if you are compatible enough to waste your time one meeting them. Any time that happened it only resulted in one date and it usually didn't go that well because we didn't really connect. They were the same kinds of questions and and answers I could end up getting from the cashier at a store. I would say, try to be open to trying that because maybe thats what is causing you difficulty. Its something I have done and I found that it worked. Other than that, I don't know what might be the cause of so little dates from online dating without seeing your profile or how you converse with the guys.