Am I getting upset over nothing or am I right to feel let down?

I've been dating a new guy for just over a month. Things were going well. Texting everyday, seeing each other 4 times a week or more. I left for a trip to Argentina for 10 days after a month. During that time we kept in touch over fb chat. He told me a few times that he misse me and couldn't wait to see me when I get back. Before I left he said his work is usually hectic this time of year. When we were talking while I was away he said his work would quiet down by the time I get back. Yesterday he called me when I got home from the trip. Originally we said we could see each other that same night. He said he had to finish working first. He works from home for a startup company. So he manages his own time. He ended up calling me back that night saying he thinks it would e bet to see Each other tmrw or Friday since I was jet lagged and he stil had work. Today I texted him and asked if he still wanted to get togwthwr. He said work a crazy and he'd be working all night. He asked I I could tmrw. I don't know what to say. I'm feeling angry that he's blown off plans twice in a row, especially that I'm excited to see him. It's making me feel like he's not excited to see me. I don't want to sound needy but I don't know if I'm just over reacting. I also don't know what to say about tommorow. I don't want to be waiting for him with no plans if he's going to blow me off again. Can someone please give me a clear perspective?


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  • Honestly I think your over reacting. Working for a startup company is going to be demanding work and so far its only been two nights (in a row) so I don't think its blowing you off its trying to get his work done. If this was going on multiple times over weeks then yes their would be an issue but two days in a row and taking into account his job I would say their is no issue. Relax and be understanding, being understanding is honestly the most endearing quality a woman can have, knowing that its not personal that he has responsibilities is importnat. I imagine you wouldn't be thrilled if he lost his job because he blew it off for you.


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  • Maybe he really is caught up with work. At home businesses are just as tedious as regular jobs. I say agree to tomorrow. If he blows you off, then I say confront him and/or move on!