Is it okay for me to be friends with a guy I unofficially dated for 4 months?

I was dating a guy for 4 months (met online ) and we just mutually ended things a week ago because we both wanted different things. I was ready for a committed relationship and he wasn't. Our dates have been pretty platonic because we haven't slept with each other yet. When we broke up, he suggested that we should still be friends but I told him I wasn't ready. I know it's only been a week since we talked but I feel like I'm in a clear mindset now and I'd like to keep in touch and stay friends with him. I'd be okay with hanging out platonically as well. Is it too soon for me to text him and tell him I wanna be friends?


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  • You can try

  • Saying you want to be friends in these kind of situations is a way of saying let end things nicely so there's a possibility in the future if things change. I doubt you'll really be hanging out. From what I have experienced. Women of the opposite sex that are not related to me don't want to just hang out just to be friends


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