Extremely confused about her, any ideas?

Extremely confused about her, any ideas?

Short as possible, I really like her, care about her, would do anything for her. I asked her out, and to be my valentine, she said she was "#taken sorry :(". Her and this guy had a Valentine, but me and her texted throughout the day. I was pretty caring/flirty all day with her. I asked if they were dating, she said maybe (game over). Then, she denied the guy when he asked her out, and she still flirts with me all the time, and jokes/teases. I asked her if they were dating now, she said no. However, I still see her around this guy, and talking with him etc. Yet, she seems to flirt, and talk to me. IDFK if she sees me as a friend or wants me to ask her out again, but any ideas?


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  • It sounds like she might be a littttttle more interested in this other guy for whatever reason, maybe just more curious about him, but it doesn't sound like it's anything set in stone yet.
    Give it some time, hang in there but keep a little distance, act a little more busy than you actually are, hang out with and text other girls, play hard to get.
    It's human nature to want what you can't have, so if she knows that you're always right there for her even though she's doing other things, she won't be as interested as she would if she knew you were out doing things and talking with other people/girls and sometimes too busy to reply to her texts... So you want to basically appear (to her) somewhat uninterested and busy flirting with other girls... That way when things with this other guy don't work out, you're not the shoulder to cry on, you're the new target, the new challenge for her...