People, how do I make the most of this?

Me and my girlfriend broke up a while ago but I want her back. We've talked about it and because next year of uni we're gonna be in the same country, this seems to be my chance to make things right from last time. I really took my time with her in the summer for granted last year (2015) and she means the world to me still. Moving on hasn't exactly been working, plus i think that ever since I met this girl it was game over for me, she's brilliant and I want her back. She admits she still has feelings for me too and she definitely wants to meet me this summer.

So my question is, what the fuck should I do when she's over in the UK during this upcoming summer that will sweep her off her feet, be loads of fun and show her that I still really care about her?

Cheers and hail Satan \m/


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