Guys, One of the boys?

Over some time I've come to realise that there's something troubling me when it comes to seeing people. Most of my friends are male, I enjoy a good bottle of Corona from time to time, I drool over Harley Davidsons, Muscle Cars get me going, and any heavy metal or classic rock music puts me in a complete daze. I've been told by my friends that I'm 'one of the boys', and when I try to take things further with one of them, it all goes falling back to the fact that I'm just one of the boys. I really don't know why this is such a problem. Afterall, I still dress pretty feminine. The only shoes I own being a collection of high-heels accompanied by a decently sized wardrobe full of dresses and skirts.

What do you guys think? Would interests like those listed turn you off?


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  • You sure that it's not because they know some of your nasty sides? at part as knowing you very well. There is an chance that they see you are an sister and/or don't want to risk your friendship, if the relationship would go bad. I am not believer of an friend zone, and there are many real life examples of friends that become "more then friends", as long as both sides are interested in taking it further, for good relationship there should be more compatibility then for friendship. Some guys might also find the fact that you are not so much of an girly girl as an turn off, while others would find it cool, and would like to have an girlfriend that have many common interests with them, as long as she is good as an girlfriend and not only as an friend, personally I find an girl with the same interests as me as something good and not as something bad, but I don't really expect most girls to have the same interests as guys, as most girls are girls, as for being feminine, maybe it's not about your clothes? maybe it's more about you being worse at more classic female roles, like cooking an cleaning the house.

  • I think you would be a cool chick bit if one drop of you droll hit my Harley or my 63 corvette split windows I might change my mind lol