Is it possible to be unlucky in love?

I am 21 and have never been in a single relationship, better yet have always been single. Everyone I know has been in a relationship and I hate the loneliness that comes along with people single. I have GAD and my anxiety causes me to believe that I will be single forever. I am tired of being anxious and my self esteem being affected. Not to mention I have no friends. People tell me I am attractive and I believe that I am too but I cannot seem to get a boyfriend. What is so wrong with me?


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  • Of course: if you get infatuated with a person who isn't free or ready to date. Some people will commit the same error over and over and call it 'bad luck'.

  • There's a lot of luck involved in the world of dating. Just try to relax and be more comfortable with being single.

    • That is impossible for me at this age

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    • Dear I am 21 and yes it does

    • Ok, I'll bite why does it matter?

  • Well. At a certain point yes. Some people married their first love, some dont. There are so many different variables that is beyond our realm. But if u keep on trying, improve urself, ur luck will go up. Its a number game. Some make it on their first try some dont.

    • I mean I know I sound like a person practicing self hatred, but the people on this site love using the term "luck". I probably sound like a hypocrite but I do not know what to believe. I am tired of being paranoid and how do you know for a fact that the more I try the better my luck will be? Like you just said, some people meet their first love and tie the knot. I wonder if it is "luck" or they stick around because they genuinely care and want to make it work?

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    • Well you are correct to an extent. Yes, I am still a virgin (is that a bad thing)?
      Haha and I've hung out with guys alone (I don't know if I would consider that a date). The hatred comes from the fact that everyone I know has had a boyfriend/girlfriend but me.

    • U are still young. Relax, ur time will come. Try to relax a little bit, drinking helps.

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