Is she just playing games, should I just move forward?

I like her, asked her to be my Valentine, said she had it with another guy. Asked if they were dating, she said Maybe, then told me she rejected him. Time passes, asked if they were dating, she said no. See her walking with him, and talking about him. She flirts with me, yada yada. Asked her if she was doing anything on the weekend, said no, but might go to dinner with *insert guys name*. Said, I thought you two weren't dating, asked her if she liked him, whats holding her back, she said its hard to explain. Invited her to tag along with what I was doing, but no response yet. If its mind games, I'm really kind of done. I have invited her out, made it clear I like her, and I truly do care about her. I do whatever I can for her, and try to always be there for her. I'll still help her and so on, and still be nice, because I still care about her, but any thoughts. Just move on, stop texting her, etc?


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  • She's a flirt. Leave her ass in the dust.

  • It sounds like she really likes the other guy but he's the one playing games and she's trying to find out what he's gonna do but using you as her back up. I could be wrong but that's what it sounds like. I would talk to her and tell her that she she won't take your offer and go out with you and drop the other guy you're moving on. That will give you your answer.