Did I do the right thing in cutting contact with this guy?

This guy and I had one date and we were supposed to go on a 2nd one a couple a days after during the week (we had talked about this before saying goodbye). I didn’t hear from him for like two-three days after our date and the day that he was off from work (he only has two days off during the week), he didn’t mention anything about our meeting. He did, however, text me throughout the week, asking me how I had been, what I was up to etc etc.
Though, it sometimes took him two days to get back to me as he is a doctor.

I stopped responding to his texts after a while though as it didn’t seem like he wanted a second date and never mentioned anything about meeting again.

Since I stopped talking to him, however, I started realising that he was doing certain things to get my attention.

Did I do the right thing in not responding to his texts anymore or should I have been more patient?


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