Guys, Ignored for months then messaged again, what does it mean?

So I went on a date with a slightly older man and he mentioned how fun it was and even talked about the next time we would hang out but we just never talked again. A year later he messages me out of the blue to hangout again we make plans that day comes up he never shows up to pick me up and since he is older I felt childish to message him and act angry so no communication ever again. Well now here we are about 5 months later and he recently messaged me again to hang out. I mentioned the fact that the last time we made plans he never showed up. At first he denies but like a gentelmen appalogizes and says he understands if I never want to speak again, but still insists that he make it up to me. What is going on? Im so confused at what is going on in his head


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  • Sounds like very weird dynamics going on. Regardless of age, he sounds totally unreliable... if you want to try to hang again just to see him again I don't see any harm in that, but just don't get your hopes up in case he flakes again.

  • I think he is playing games or he might be taken or dating other girls. Their is people out that play childish games.