I look pretty from the front but absolutely hideous from the side?

What can I do if I look good looking from the front but ugly from the side? My nose looks normal from the front but the side view looks awful because it sticks out too far from my face and it's really noticebly big. And i'm not just thinking it's big, it literally is, I've been told. It looks too big for my face but in pictures from the front I look good. I'm on a dating app at the moment but I only have pictures from the front where I look good, and I get lots of messages saying I'm gorgeous but what if I meet these guys and they see my massive nose? Do I just tell them I have a huge nose or put up a side view of my face? I see guys lookig at me a lot but I'm almost certain it's because of my nose. Am I lying to these guys if I don't show them how awful my nose looks?


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  • more like absolutely hideous in the brain


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  • So what? Who the heck cares? I doubt they are going to mind much if you meet them.
    It's not like they don't have flaws as well.