What to say to a girl that won't text you anymore?

Okay so I started messaging this girl on Twitter and it was just small talk and "get to know you" stuff and things were going pretty well and eventually I got her number. From there we texted all day on Sunday and then a little on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday we texted more and the conversation shifted from "get to know you" to more playful stuff. Thursday we texted all night until 1:30 in the morning (we're in high school so this is kinda important). She started asking me things like what my first impression of her and sent flirty texts which I took as her trying to hint that she was kind of interested in me. We texted all day over the weekend and on Sunday I texted her and said that we should hang out sometime. We have not actually met in person but we knew who each other were through school so I wanted to actually see her since I can't at school. All she said was "totally" and when I asked her when she was free she just said "idk". I took this as her politely hinting that she didn't want to but I couldn't understand why since we had texted so much and things seemed to be going well. I told her the only day I was free was Monday and she said that we should try next week since she was busy. I just told her to let me know when/if she wanted to and she said she would but from there our conversation wasn't the same. The next day she told me she was in a bad mood and really didn't want to talk about it so I said I was there for her if she needed me and said goodnight. We didn't text on Tuesday but i sent her a text that night checking in on her (she was feeling better) and telling her if she wanted to talk tomorrow to just text me. She hasn't said anything yet three days later and now I'm wondering why she won't. Should I send a text asking her what happened and why she would text me so often if she wasn't interested or should I just accept that we aren't going to work out?


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  • It sounds to me that she just wanted someone to talk to but not actually make a real friend in reality, which is a big waste of time for you. I've found that many people connect with others because they just want someone to talk to at the moment or cause they're bored, but when it actually comes down to forming a connection in real life, they're not for it. My advice is to just move on and not text her anymore and not to contact her through twitter either. there's no point. And if you know what she looks like, and you see her on campus, go up and say hello and introduce yourself. Put her on the spot by being forward and confident.

  • Move on! Man!


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