Does he understand that I'm plus sizes?

I've been video chatting this guy online for a year so finally after a year and 2 months we decided to try and date long distance and if things go well then in May we will meet up he has only seen my face. my body is chubby /fat and my stomach isn't flat and I'm not skinny.. yesterday he asked for a full body picture of me in my favorite outfit so he could see the real me. I sent him a photo and showed my full figure and he liked what her saw and now is more excited to see me but , I don't think theb picture I sent shows fully my flaws , in the picture you can see my size but you can't see my tummy and that I have a gut, I took the picture facing forward and the picture I sent doesn't do my body justice of how puffy/jiggly my belly is now when he sees me I'm scared he'll see how fat I really am.. And he's already making plans for me to walk around hisnhouse in my bra and underwear but i told him that i didn't want to do that because i waant skinny... then he said 'so, you can still walk around in your bra"
I told him I was chubby and sent him this photo

Does he understand that I'm plus sizes?


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  • He's not stupid. He know's your plus size and is fine with it. If he wanted some skinny chick, he wouldn't be so excited to see you. Totally understandable to not want to walk around in a bra and underwear right off the bat. My insecurities were a little different with my guy.. I've got a really flat chest but big hips and butt and I've always felt like I'm not proportionate... and I used to send pics at angles that would make my chest look bigger. But anyway, when he saw my full figure for the first time in person, he thought I was pretty so I didn't have anything to worry about. I'm sure this guy will feel the same; after all, I'm sure he has his own insecurities too right? Best of luck!