I've never had a girlfriend before and had really bad experiences with dating.

It's left me thinking most women are lying, secretive, manipulative and don't care about men's feelings. Is going to a date with low expectations bad?


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  • Perhaps you should be looking at the kind of women you are attracted to. Obviously you are picking lying, secretive, manipulative women, why? Going on a date with no expectations means no disappointments. You really shouldn't expect anything more from a date than an evening out. If it goes well then great, if not then you don't go out with them again.

    Good Luck.



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  • i think the same thing about most men lol.

    to be honest if you have negative views about that persons gender and generalize people like that, its bad news. I don't know if you believe in the laws of attraction, but you will be more likely to attract women like you've described. it's a self fulfilling prophecy. also if you do run into a rare girl that is honest, up front and caring, your negative vibes will turn her off...gosh I might wanna take my own advice! I don't think you should assume that she is this great person if you don't even know her, but just give it a chance and see where it takes you. good luck


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  • Yeah, it means you'll get drunk and sleep with anything in the bar. Have some expectations, but don't be a stickler for the rules. Know what you want and what you're looking for. If the chick picks her nose and wipes it across her chest while belching, that is a gauranteed turn off for me- but it'll get a good laugh as I say "i've had enough, good night."

    ~ ArtistBBoy