What am I supposed to do?

She is 24, I'm 19 and she always texts me even though she is really busy (PHD student) and she invites me out when she can, also when we are in public, she will tickle me and/or poke me in the ribs. But when I go over and we watch a movie or something, she will sit in the seat over (3 section couch) with her arms crossed... Her body language seems more open when we go out in public. I have never had a girlfriend, or kissed anyone so I don't know what to do haha.

Also, she tell me "you do know a big reason of me going despite me being busy is to get to spend time with you right"


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  • She definitely likes you. You should keep on hanging out with her and whenever you feel that the moment is right, kiss her.

    • That's kinda what I'm thinking, because I am usually not too good at reading hints, but I think I am getting good hints... and if I can see them, they are probably pretty obvious haha

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  • I am pretty sure she sees you as a little brother :3


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