What could this mean? why did he act like this?

What could this mean? why did he act like this?

okay! there's this restaurant I go to often, they basically already know us, I went with my parents my brother and his girlfriend, the manager I have to say is super hot! I find him ridiculously attractive, this time he was smiling at me and pulling out my chair for me, putting the napkin on my lap and he would always stand behind me to look at the whole restaurant, out of the few times he smiled at me he gave me a little smirk and wink so I smiled back, once we left he just shook hands with everyone but when he shook mine he leaned in to give me a kiss cheek with cheek, why could this be? im curious I also noticed his body language towards other females in the room, there was a big group of girls and when they left he just held the door for them, I'm honestly so intrigued to why this happened


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  • I think it was more that he was being nice than flirty or showing interest. You could always test it out and go back there by yourself..


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