If a guy say I'm not just a hook up, should I believe it?

I've been talking to a guy for almost a month we're just friends we've been on three dates I didn't sleep with him until the second date he works a lot and he has kids he is single he shares all his feelings with me like when he's depressed I really like him so I wanted to know if he saw us going anywhere and how I felt like I was just a hookup he told me that he was sorry I felt that way and that that wasn't the case he said now isn't the time to think of a relationship because he has a lot going on like with his kids and other stuff he didn't mention I don't know if this is a hopeless situation he lets me visit him at work sometimes he acts as me too without me asking he talks about restaurants he wants to take me to like he sees me in his future. I'm not sure what to think he's 38 and I'm 22 I know the reason we don't text very often is because of his work schedule and other things that were going on before he met me like having his kids.


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  • Stop thinking that you're just a hook up. He took you on another date after having sex and wants you around. If he doesn't have enough time for you then move on.

  • You'll know it later: hindsight is about 85% or so.


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