Is it wrong to date two guys? How would you decide?

I'm going to point this out now.. not having sex with either.

Guy one: He's really sweet and seems like a great guy. He's in university for criminology he's almost done. He also works full time and lives an hour and a half away. His university is between us so he usually comes over the night before he has a class and just goes from my place in the morning to give us more time since we only see each other once a week and it makes his schedule easier so I don't mind (his days off work are class days). We met on pof and he randomly logs on like every couple days.. He asked to be exclusive although I don't believe he's not talking to other girls that or he's maybe actually telling people he unable to talk but I kind of doubt that. Have been seeing each other for a month. He texts me as much as he can even at work he tries to when he's not busy. I trust he's not going out with anyone else since he answers my texts pretty often if he was doing that which you generally ignore a phone on a date.. I'm just unsure if he's talking to someone else.

Guy two: Is actually someone I was seeing and then stopped. He was someone I got along with well. He was nice and all that. Up until we had sex once. After that he texted me for a couple days and disappeared. Then a few days late r texted to ask to hang out, I said I couldn't. He has been asking continually for a month and a half now. This morning he msged me that he misses me and he's sorry he hurt me. I asked why he did it. He said that he was behind in school (he's in his last year of law school) and just dropped everything then when he'd realized it he'd felt really bad. When I asked why he didn't say it sooner he said he wasn't sure if that was the reason so he hadn't. Asked me to forgive him and start over. I asked why should I and he said I have no reason to but he realize what he'd done wrong and he doesn't want to hurt me again. So I said let's try just talking again for now. I can und


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  • How about you tell each guy about the other guy and see if they have a problem with it.

    • Because I haven't started even being around guy number two yet so what's there to tell?

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    • I don't like that either. Basically you find someone you like and want to get to know better. Ask them out, date a few times, and determine if this is someone you want to get serious with or not. Then move on with someone else if that relationship isn't going anywhere.

    • Ya he started to withdraw so I back from off and have made him come to me a bit more he seems like he's more interested again but I think the distance kind of makes things hard when you start out


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  • It's not wrong if you tell them you're not dating them exclusively.

  • no one read any of that and yes its wrong

  • They'd feel you cheat on them.


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