Was he out of line for this?

There was a shooting in my town Saturday night and I did not know about until 12 at midnight when I was out at a bar. So I texted my boyfriend saying I wanted to come over becuase a shooter was on the lose. He did not answer. So as the night progressed there were no uber drivers avaliable and I decided to get food with my friend and afterward go to his place. He didn't answer so then I decided to knock on his window to see if he would let me in. Then he w. oke up and yelled at me to go home becuase I was drunk I told him there was a shooting. He didn't believe me and came out on the porch and said to go home. I then was more so in shock that he really did not want me to stay. Althought he had work at 9am and I believe the shooter did get caught I justed to be with him. Now today he still says I was wrong and because it was 3 something in the morning I shouldn't have done that. Was I really in the wrong and he still should have let me in anways?


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  • I don't think either of you were really in the "wrong" he thinks you were drunk he didn't know anything about a shooting and was trying to sleep so he could get up fine for work. It's understandable you felt freaked out.


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  • He was in the wrong since it was 3 something in the morning and he didn't let you stay in his place. I mean, who the hell kicks off their own girlfriend at 3 in the morning?
    You must be an ass to do that.