What does it usually mean when a girl needs some space for now?

I have noticed that she needed some space because some reason she is indecisive. Just saw that she unfollwed me on instagram. So I unfollowed her back on instagram and unfriended her on Facebook and deleted her off Snapchat. After doing that does it mean it's officially over? Should I delete her number off my phone as well?


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  • well did she delete you from fb and all other sns? if not then you took it to far.

    • I did? I thought it was the same concept because she unfollowed me on insta

    • I don't know if she didn't do this on othe sns then it might be a mistake? I would just ask her personally to get things clear.

What Guys Said 1

  • Whenever someone asks for 'space', it usually means that it's over.