Would You Consult a Psychic About Your Love Life?

I have been thinking about it and I know I might get ripped off by a fake physic. Before I was born my mom went to see a psychic in Arizona and was told that she will give birth to a red-haired girl and will be walking on a beach with her in five years. My mom didn't believe her and thought she was a fraud. No one from her side of the family had red hair. Three months later she met my dad (a red head) at work and then got engaged after 6 months of dating. I was born shortly after with red hair. My dad surprised her with a trip to st. Martin on their 3rd marriage anniversary. We walked on the beach for hours. Now I want to see one.


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  • LOL, that's like asking Lindsay Lohan how to live a respectable life.


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  • I absolutely would not. I wouldn't go see someone who claimed to be "psychic" even if they *paid* me.


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