My friends with a different boy each week and I get none?

I literally get no guys, like the kind of boys that I'm interested in vs the kinds of MEN that approach me are two very different things. I'm told I'm very attractive and should do modelling etc, and always getting compliments from random strangers literally always. :( never boys my age though! My friend on the other hand moves around from guy to guy so fast it's kind of bad actually but it's frustrating for me because it just looks like I can't get guys. I don't know what to do.


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  • just b yourself... u seem to be a nice woman... chill... u may get fedup with guys... the older the better


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  • Maybe you are not putting out, and she is.

    The median number of sexual partners for women is less than for men. In a closed system, the only way this occurs is that a few women have far, far more partners than the median woman (as it turns out, these women tend to have more than any man in the closed system too).

    You are too old do start modeling. I know this because I have dated several professional models.

    If you are getting attention from older guys who appreciate you, then maybe you should go out with older guys.

    • I feel like she isn't. They just come to her and message her, and I know I don't want to model it was just an example.

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  • Wait for the right guy. You don't have to be with someone. You may not realize it now but you might have already met the love of your life. It just takes time