Guys, What's wrong with my personality?

I'm my only friend who's never had a boyfriend or a kiss or any kind of realationship with a boy. I know I'm not ugly. So the only thing I think that could be a turnoff is my personality but I don't want to change myself for a guy. I'm nice to everyone and compliment people all the time but no one wants to date me. What do guys look for in a girls personality when they want to date someone. Backround info: I'm mvp on my basketball team and play volleyball and track. I'm in enriched classes and am friends with popular girls. OMFG IM PROB THE DUFF FML


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  • I am kinda the same. I'm generally a nice guy and the one person I like, the only person I like, just had her friends say she wasn't interested. I have never had a girlfriend and I was the coach for our baseball team one day because I was being a good team player. Sti though. No girlfriend at all. And the one person I like, and still will continue to like isn't interested. Might've been interested in another guy. Sometimes we just aren't seen as who we are. Some of us are here to further our society. The others are here to defend it.
    This is Shadowtrooper34 or Ethan Boe as some know me, peace out. Hope I helped

  • You'll have an easier time in life if you stop comparing your life to others.

  • thats rubbish... if a guy wants to date u... well i won't look at yr background... i would look at yr heart