Why the sudden loss of interest?

I have gone out with this guy a couple of times including yesterday. We went to dinner and I was really hungover so I wasn't my normal upbeat self, which I explained to him. During dinner, he asked about my upcoming schedule and I told him I didn't have much planned this week. After he dropped me off, he was texting me and it was sexual, and he sent me a picture of him in his boxers and asked me to send an equally sexual picture but I told him I wasn't ready to do all that. He's been texting me most of today but then suddenly tonight he says how he doesn't feel a connection and we didn't really have anything to talk about during dinner. Why does he suddenly not want to talk to me anymore?


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What Guys Said 2

  • why does he want to c u in yr underware

  • Because he wanted sexy pictures and you didn't want to go through with it. Good Riddance! Any guy that can't respect you for you, or like you without needing nude photos is someone you shouldn't be with, and thats coming from a guy.


What Girls Said 1

  • He was expecting nudes from you and nothing more. He's an idiot.