I went out with a girl and she dodged my attempt to kiss her. Should I ask her out again?

It was a second date. We were walking to my car after having a drink. I tried to kiss her and she avoided it. At the end of the date, she gave me a hug. She I even bother asking her out again?

  • Yes! Pursue her. Just because she didn't want to kiss you doesn't mean she doesn't like you.
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  • Ummmm... The fact that didn't want to kiss you should tell you everything.
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  • You know it's not a rule that you don't kiss on first dat but the second... it doesn't work that way and it's way to soon... spend more time with each other and it'll happen if the mood and timing are right.


What Guys Said 2

  • Whaaaaaaaat? She still gave you a hug, which would suggest to me that she's not lost interest. Definitely ask her out again, you have nothing to lose anyway right? If the appropriate times comes up, apologise for trying to kiss her and she'll probably say sorry herself and it will all be fine. Don't let something like that ruin your chances :)

  • I'd be done if I were you.