She asks if I'm going to parties?

She asks if I'm going to parties?

So I have been talking with this girl for a bit now. She has asked me a few times if I was going to a party that she was going too also. When I get there she will sit next to me, and she will take my phone and change the music and ask to play songs. One time my phone was in my pocket and I wasn't paying attetion she went into my jean pocket and took my phone. She will also ask me to bring her food or we will banter back and forth about something silly. One Saturday night a group of us went out and got drunk, when we all got back to the house I went to lay on a couch and was laying down she comes over and sits on me and says this is her couch she sleeps on. I was not phased by this I said nothing and grabed a blanket she had in her hands. She then gabed it out of mine and sprawled out. We slept on the same couch, to me it seems like she wouldn't do this unless she was interested in me ot really comfortable with me. Could she be interested in me, thoughts?


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  • u should answer it honestly