Guys, Is it against the bro code to date an aquatints ex?

OK so an aquatince of mine broke up with an attractive woman and I want to date her but my other male friends said it was against the bro code but I don't think it is because we aren't friends what so ever. So can you guys please shed some light on my situation?


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  • Not against bro code, but good on you for thinking of your mates first.

    Bro code applies to friends only, but if your bros say 'foul', you can ask the guy, then do whatever you want no matter what his reply is.

  • Here's the test of a true bro.

    Imagine if you asked him to come help you move house and if he asked you to help him move house. If you do not have to doubt whether or not he'd answer yes, and you wouldn't say no to him, then he's a bro, and the bro code applies. If either scenario sounds too far fetched, then he's not a bro and bro code doesn't apply.