Is she into me?

So I'm in highschool, and I've known this girl for quite a few years now, but we really didn't talk or even know each other until this year. We talk pretty much everyday. I mainly know her from band class (I'm in the lower tier class and she's in the upper tier class). She keeps bugging me about moving up to the upper tier class and it sounds like she really wants to be in the same class with me. On another topic, she's in my math class. We talk a lot in that class and she sends me funny pics on Snapchat, most of which are of me. Overall, she seems to like talking to me and I think she enjoys being around me. We make each other laugh, and I have a good time around her


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  • Omg, ask her out!


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  • says under 18 so. Keep it cool dude! Ask her if she wants to hang out after school. You can't go wrong. If you never ask some other guy will take her. But if she dosent have the feeling for you, i am sure she would still be a very girl to have as a friend.