Girl is into me, thinks I'm really cute and nice, but says she just wants to be single?

this girl and I hung out a couple times and we both had a good time, but she told me she didn't want a relationship because of the way her last one ended. I backed off, but then discovered she had texted my friend saying that she thought I was really nice and cute, but she just wants to be single. so what should I do? should I continue talking to her and show interest? or should I just back off and let her come talk to me if/when she is ever ready?


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  • Take a step back. She might like you but her previous relationship may still be fresh for her.

    Stay in touch and just give her a bit of time to get over her ex. Goodluck!


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  • Either she's playing hard to get or she's just not ready to date right now. Either way just back off and let her go to you.

  • If she calls you just cute and nice then there's really nothing more to it.. she doesn't feel to me like she ment it in a romantic way but youcan always start of as friends and who knows it might lead to something more?


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