What does it mean when he says "Miss you"?

The guy i was talking to for a while all of a sudden stop talking to me after asking him if he wanted to be with me. I hadn't herd from him for a month till valentines day. I repiled back with "happy valentines day 4 hours later. I didn't hear from him after so I thought maybe he made a mistake. 4 hours later I hear from him and texts me "miss you". I do miss him so i said it back, but since then he hasn't texted me at all. Im not sure why he would tell me that after a month of not talking and not even try to talk to me afterwards. why would he do that? Does missing someone mean that you still care about them? should I be the one to text him? or was he saying that to move on?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe he was saying that to add closure. He seems very flaky and he plays games to much. If you want to text him to see what happens it's up to you. I wouldn't text him anymore if it was me.


What Girls Said 1

  • It means he cares about you and he misses you.

    • But then again, if he missed you that much, he would actually put an effort into talking to you more. So I don't know.